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Recent Episodes

#27: Max Pekarsky - From Self-Taught Coder to Stack Overflow Writer [S02-E06]

  •  Feb 4, 2020

The journey of a self-taught full-stack developer, blogger and tech writer.

#26: Tanmay Bakshi - Prodigy Coder [S02-E05]

  •  Jan 28, 2020

The incredible history of an exceptional teenager coder.

#25: Shayne Boyer - Social Coder [S02-E04]

  •  Jan 28, 2020

Get past the fear of being ridiculed.

#24: John Sonmez - Becoming a Finisher, Part 2 [S02-E03]

  •  Jan 21, 2020

How to be better at time management and setting your priorities straight.

#23: John Sonmez - Becoming a Finisher, Part 1 [S02-E02]

  •  Jan 14, 2020

The fittest coder I know, and he is a lot more.

#22: Aderson Oliveira - Welcome to Season 2 of The Solo Coder Podcast! [S02-E01]

  •  Jan 14, 2020

What's coming up on Season 2 of The Solo Coder Podcast.

#21: The Hub Between Industry and AI with Ali Hirji

  •  Jan 7, 2020

Connecting Industry, Faculty and Students through AI initiatives.

#20: The Cybersecurity Opportunity w/ Mahdi Raza

  •  Dec 31, 2019

Have you thought about using your coding skills to work on Cybersecurity?

#19: No College Degree? No Problem! w/ Robert Maissan

  •  Dec 24, 2019

How Robert automated his job and by doing so, got offered a development position.

#18: Community Dedication w/ Azure Cloud Consultant Roy Kim

  •  Dec 17, 2019

Share what you know and it will come full-circle back to you.

#17: 200 Thousand Students w/ Online Instructor Scott Duffy

  •  Dec 10, 2019

How can someone teach 200 thousand people? It is possible.

#16: The Spoken Code w/ Google Developer Lucas Radaelli

  •  Dec 3, 2019

From Brazil to the US, the story of a very unique Google Developer.

#15: Moonlighting as a Game Developer w/ Adam McLellan

  •  Nov 26, 2019

The origin story of a software architect transitioning into game development.

#14: The Truth Behind The Data w/ Data Scientist Dan Gerlanc

  •  Nov 19, 2019

In Data Science, you are often not solving a problem you have solved before.

#13: Helping Non-Technical Founders w/ Product Consultant James Knight

  •  Nov 12, 2019

Find out why James left a cushy job at Google.

#12: What it takes to work at Google w/ Ex-Google James Knight

  •  Nov 5, 2019

What is it that Google is looking for in a developer? James give us the path.

#11: From Furniture in Peru to Coding in Canada w/ Luis Nishimura

  •  Oct 29, 2019

It's never too late to change. Luis talked about his story as he started coding at the age of 35.

#10: A Small Cog In A Giant Machine w/ Scott Wilkinson

  •  Oct 22, 2019

Scott talked about how important it is to not wait too long before asking for help.

#9: A Real Power Coder w/ Roy Alda

  •  Oct 15, 2019

Roy talked about his work at electricity company OPG and his side business exploring new technologies.

#8: From WordPress Plugins to SaaS w/ Softwarepreneur Hani Mourra

  •  Oct 8, 2019

Hani talked about how start and grow a business on the side while maintaining a full-time job.

#7: 10,000 monthly visitors - The Power of Blogging w/ Mobile Xamarin Developer Andrew Hoefling

  •  Oct 1, 2019

Andrew talked about the impact that blogging had on his career and how it is still very relevant.

#6: From Employee to Independent Consultant w/ Mike Smeltzer

  •  Sep 24, 2019

Mike talked about the wonders and challenges of becoming an independent and successful consultant.

#5: From Database Developer to Team Manager w/ Jana Simashkevich

  •  Sep 17, 2019

Jana talked about her career in banking and what she did to become the natural choice when a Team Manager opportunity knocked on her door.

#4: From Business to Coding w/ Thadeus Makukutu

  •  Sep 10, 2019

Thadeus is a self-taught .NET developer. He told me about the struggles of running a software business and how different that it from just coding.

#3: 1100 Apps Later w/ Mobile Indie Developer Atley Hunter

  •  Sep 3, 2019

I spoke with Atley Hunter. He is an indie mobile developer with the impressive number of 1100 mobile apps under his belt!

#2: The Love for Teaching as a Coding Career w/ Prof. Reza Dibaj

  •  Aug 27, 2019

When you see someone as passioned as Reza talking, you may get inspired to check the intersection of coding and teaching as a potential career path.

#1: What is the SoloCoder Podcast w/ Aderson Oliveira

  •  Aug 20, 2019

In this episode I go through the ins and outs of what The SoloCoder Podcast is and what's in it for you.

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