Ep #80: Preetam & Sankalp - Micro-SaaS & Marketplace [S04-E20]

Preetam & Sankalp



I spoke with Preetam Nath and Sankalp Jonna. They are the founders of DelightChat, a platform helping Shopify businesses with their customer service needs.

I came across Preetam after reading his blog post about Micro-Saas. The concept grabbed my attention. Preetam wrote so eloquently that I said I had to talk to him.

Naturally with co-founders, Preetam is more in the business side and Sankalp in the technology.

We spoke about what is the first thing someone should look at before jumping to building their own Saas product. Saas means Software as a Service and we have discussed about it during the chat.

Preetam and Sankalp are not new to doing business together. Their first product was so successful that their competitors tried to bring down their site by launching a Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack also called DDoS.

I found these guys to be very smart but also very humble. There is so much they can teach us and if you stick around you will also come to the same realization.


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