Ep #50: Josh Starmer - Statistics, Machine Learning & Music [S03-E08]

Josh Starmer



I spoke with Josh Starmer. Josh has a PhD in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. But that was not how I came across him. When I was studying Machine Learning, I needed additional information about statistic topics and that was when I first saw Josh's videos on YouTube.

Josh makes on-line educational materials teaching data science, machine learning and statistics. His YouTube channel is called StatQuest and it has 300K subscribers. When we recorded this conversation 2 weeks about it had 290K. Not too shabby to get 10K new subscribers in just under 2 weeks!

Josh has this power of explaining complex topics related to statistics and machine learning in such a way that you can't help but just understand it.

Together with his music background and a great sense of humor, he creates these little jingles as the intro for each of his videos. It is just so unique!

We spoke about the different revenue sources he has including Google Ads, Study Guides and Monthly Webinars. He even sells his own StatQuest t-shirts.

Have a listen to find out how Josh is able to make Statistics fun and interesting!


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