Ep #92: Chris Eidhof - All Things Swift Programming [S05-E12]

Chris Eidhof



I spoke with Chris Eidhof. Together with his business partner Florian Kugler, he runs objc.io where you can find books, courses, videos and resources in general about iOS and macOS development.

Nowadays it focus mostly on Swift, but at some point in the past before Swift it was all about Objective-C as their site name suggests.

We spoke about his origin story around Objective-C and the fact that he doesn't have a LinkedIn profile, making my life as I researched about him, a lot harder.

Burn out is a topic that I'm always curious about. Chris spoke openly about it and how he was able to get to the other side of that challenging time.

We spoke about objective-c.io and their approach to business which basically focus on creating great resources and letting the content do the rest of the work, instead of focusing too much on promoting the business. It seems to have worked really well for them.

In the end he mentioned that currently they plan to release some of their own apps so they can stay hands-on to be able to talk proficiently about all aspects of mobile development and not just focus on teaching.

Whether you are a mobile developer or not, Chris shared lessons and career tips in this episode that are applicable to all kinds of coders, no matter what their specific tech stack might be.

I will leave you with Chris Eidhof, iOS developer and educator.


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