Ep #23: John Sonmez - Becoming a Finisher, Part 1 [S02-E02]

John Sonmez



I have spoken with John Sonmez. He does quite a lot of things beyond coding. He is a book author. He teaches courses at Pluralsight. He blogs. He is a speaker. He is a real state investor. But all of that came originally from his passion for coding.

During this conversation we looked back at how everything got started about 10 years ago and how would all of that translate to 2020.

There are so many nuggets of wisdom and experience that John distills that I had to listen to this conversation a few time so I could internalize them.

The conversation went a bit too long but I didn't want to cut it down too much so I split it in 2 parts.

Listen to part one so that you understand why John says that there are 2 reasons why we fail in life: One is because we lack knowledge and the second is because we lack discipline.


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