Ep #87: Andy Hunt - The Pragmatic Programmer [S05-E07]

Andy Hunt



I spoke with Andy Hunt. Andy is one of the 17 authors who wrote the Agile Manifesto back in 2001. 2 years earlier he wrote, together with Dave Thomas one of the most seminal programming books called "The Pragmatic Programmer". The book has been referenced many times here in the podcast by so many guest that said it has shaped their careers.

There were so many potential paths that I could have taken with this conversation. I decided to stick mostly to the present time to see what Andy does currently but we also went through some of the learnings from The Pragmatic Programmer, which I have the 20th anniversary edition hard cover with me.

Andy spoke about the challenges that new people coming to the tech industry must face, which is: where do I start? So many technologies. So many options. How do I narrow them down?

We also spoke about education and what is currently missing like teaching soft skills including communication and many more aspects.

We discussed about what is at the code of being a pragmatic programmer, which according to Andy is the thirst for knowledge and the curiosity.

We even talked about Andy's adventures in writing science fiction!

I will leave you with The Pragmatic Programmer, Andy Hunt!


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