Ep #61: Adrienne Tacke - Content Creator on MongoDB, Python & Azure [S04-E01]

Adrienne Tacke



I spoke with Adrienne Tacke. Adrienne is a Filipina Software Engineer working as a Developer Advocate at MongoDB. Yes, the no-sql database. The reason why I have mentioned "Filipina" e because this is how she likes to introduce herself. Too bad that I didn't ask her about this, but I assume she does that because she is very proud of her origins.

Beyond her job, Adrienne is a public speaker, a course creator for LinkedIn Learning and a book author. That is how I came across her name. I bought her book Coding for Kids - Python.

During our conversation Adrienne told the story that she quit her previous job because upper management didn't agree with her taking time off to speak at conferences. However she made clear that her direct team was very supportive.

From content creation to spreading the word about technology on social media, Adrienne does a bit of everything. Oh, did I mention that she streams gaming and coding on Twitch as well?

Content, content and more content. That is what Adrienne likes to do and there is no slowing down for her.


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