Ep #48: James Zaki - Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Trust [S03-E06]

James Zaki



I spoke with James Zaki. James is based in Sydney, Australia. He is a freelance developer focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

I have always found myself very confused whenever the topic was Blockchain. I could not wrap my mind around it but talking to James helped me to clarify a lot of misconceptions I had about the space.

I asked him what is the problem that Blockchain solves. He give me the example that if you have a group of people or companies that needs to write to a shared database and they don't trust each other, or they don't have a 3rd party to intermediate the process, then a blockchain application might be a good solution.

We also discussed about "Community Currencies", which are usually local alternatives to traditional money.

He says that trust is a major issue in the space and that you must be very careful about who you get involved with. On that note, he shared his own personal story where him and others almost left a work engagement without getting paid at all.

Have a listen so that your head will no longer be spinning around like mine was when it came to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Enjoy!


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