Ep #41: Scott Hanselman - A Few Minutes of Wisdom & Technology

Scott Hanselman



I spoke with Scott Hanselman.

I must admit, I felt I was not in my best. I was nervous, self-conscious, and excited all at the same time during our conversation and that made me ramble more than usual. All my rambling was removed during the editing of this episode.

If you code with Microsoft technologies, you should have come across his name before. If not, here is an intro:

Scott works at Microsoft. He manages outreach and community for .NET, ASP.NET, IIS, Azure, and Visual Studio.

I have known Scott from afar for over a decade. He is a reference to me. He has a very popular weekly podcast with over 700 episodes called Hanselminutes. How can I not be self-conscious?

He is a sought-after keynote speaker. I have seen in-person keynotes delivered by him over the years. He can really engage a live audience, and I think he would have a shot in standup comedy.

He has been blogging since 2002 at least twice a week on various topics technology related.

Scott was very generous and patient with me during our chat, giving me a lot of feedback and suggestions as we went through. I have removed them from the final cut to make sure the episode was short and to the point.

I hope I was able to extract some of the habits and processes that Scott has so that you can decided if you want to apply them yourself.

I want to thank Luca Gobbi for providing one of the questions I asked Scott.

After the longest intro so far and without further ado, enjoy the chat!


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