Ep #91: Matt & Mike - Running a Web Dev Agency [S05-E11]

Matt & Mike



I spoke with the dual Matt Lawrence and Mike Karan. Together they run a web development agency in Hamilton, Canada called "Digital Dynasty Design".

Beyond that, they also run their own podcast show called "HTML All The Things" where they talk about web development, design and running a small business.

I was interested in speaking to them about how and why they started their own web development company. I wanted to shed some light into this as a career opportunity. They were very candid about it. They covered the feast and famine cycles that are so common when running a small business.

They also spoke about their focus on trying to create some sort of passive income stream that can help to minimize the ups and downs of the business.

Of course we also talked about their own podcast and how they are able to keep it going with so much consistency.

It was great to be able to talk such a good combination of business partners. They have so many complementing skills to add to each other. This is key when picking someone to go in business together.

I will leave you with Matt and Mike from Digital Dynasty Design.


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