Ep #24: John Sonmez - Becoming a Finisher, Part 2 [S02-E03]

John Sonmez



On part one, we left off when John was talking about the stories he had to tell himself to keep going through the daily grind of posting 2 videos every single day.

On part two he will finish this story and talk about failures he had in the past, fitness for coders, how he manages his time and how he prioritizes what to do next.

Listen to the wrap up of our conversation to understand why John says that people that avoid failures are the ones who never progress in life.


  • I became a finisher
  • Building a bridge 90% of the way - It's useless
  • You have to have talent and skill but it is only one part of the equation
  • Specialize from the beginning and niche down
  • Pick something that you could be best in the world at
  • Pick a medium and be consistent and prolific
  • Most people will be mediocre on their life because they will never go deeply down a road
  • It takes time to get traction - 5 years
  • There is 2 reasons why we fail in life: One is because we lack knowledge and the second is because we lack discipline
  • Trust the process
  • What can I do that cannot possibly fail?
  • The people that avoid failures are the ones who never progress in life

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