Ep #44: Jen Looper - Women in Tech and Developer Evangelism [S03-E02]

Jen Looper



I spoke with Jen Looper. Jen is a cloud developer advocate at Microsoft. But she is not a very traditional tech professional. She has a PhD in French Language and Literature. During our chat we have explored how her language background helped on her tech career.

Jen is also a public speaker having delivered many keynotes including one done virtually this past March 2020 during Microsoft Developer Virtual Conference.

She founded in 2018 an initiative called Front-End Foxes which used to be called Vue Vixens, but changed it names since we have recorded this chat. Front-End Foxes creates and hosts workshops to teach front-end technologies to people who identify themselves as women with many chapters throughout the globe.

Among many things, we have discussed about her extensive experience working with a network of outside expert developers giving them a platform to communicate, interact and help to shape the products the company that she was working for at the time was improving and creating.

In the end, I even got to know a new term to add to my dictionary: "Individual Contributor". Do you know what that is? Check it out!


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