Ep #96: Jan - Shopify & Freelancing [S05-E16]




I spoke with Jan. Jan is a Shopify ecommerce specialist based in Germany.

Originally graduated as a mechanical engineer, he started his career with robotics, developing automation robots for product manufacturing assembly lines.

However, after just a few month in the job, he quickly realized that this was not what he wanted. He wanted to code but not robots. That lead him to web development. He started then a freelancing career initially using WordPress, but moved on to Shopify as he was interested in helping clients with their ecommerce needs and in his opinion, Shopify is a better solution.

Now he is on a journey to help other developers and aspiring developers to start their freelancing careers focused on assisting clients with Shopify needs. Him and his partner launched a site called Freemote where you can learn how to build your freelancing business from the ground up. They have training content including videos and worksheets as well as a community to help each other.

For this episode I brought Ken Fowler. Ken is an ex student of mine and he was the one who recommended me to talk to Jan. So the other person asking questions is Ken.

I will leave you with Jan, Shopify and freelancing expert.

Enjoy the chat!


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