Ep #62: Sandra Ahlgrimm - Meetups, Hackathons & Being Hungry [S04-E02]

Sandra Ahlgrimm



Imagine that you are studying at college or university. You are broke. You have very little money, aside from a part-time job. Every month, at the end of your paycheck, there is no money left, but there is still 2 weeks left before your next payday. You have no more money for food. What would you do?

Well, in my case I would simply ask my parents for help. However our guest in this episode was too stubborn for that. She hated to be dependent on her parents. Call it however you want: pride, determination, honor.

So she came with a strategy: she would go to different meetups all week long to get food.

And that changed her life. From going to meetups because she was just hungry for food, to going because she was hungry for helping others to grow.

Stick around and listen to the many stories from Sandra Ahlgrimm, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft Berlin.


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