Ep #51: Frank Kane
Teaching Half-Million Students
& The Ivy Cap [S03-E09]

Frank Kane



I spoke with Frank Kane. Frank worked for Amazon and IMDb for 9 years. Today he is a very successful online instructor teaching topics around machine learning, big data, AI, and data science.

Why did I say successful? Because loving what he does, with half a million students and getting close to 2 million dollars in lifetime revenue, we should be safe to qualify Frank as a successful professional.

Udemy is the main educational platform he works with, but he has courses published on other platforms like LinkedIn Learning and his own website.

Beyond courses, Frank also writes books including topics on how to be successful with online teaching.

During this conversation he shared how it is overwhelming at times to touch so many students and having so many people wanting a little piece of his time.

I am so glad and lucky to be able to share with you today a little piece of Frank's time, experience and wisdom!


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