Ep #78: Barry Luijbregts - 200 Things Developers Should Know [S04-E18]

Barry Luijbregts



I spoke with Barry Luijbregts. Barry is a Pluralsight author with over 20 courses ranging from Cloud Design and Azure to Blazor, .NET and Front-end Development.

Barry had various different phases of his career starting as part of a consulting company and working closely with many corporate clients to then starting his own freelancing consultancy.

Years later that led him to a burnout. He got out of that by taking care of his health and by finding a new career path as a content creator.

In 2020, Barry has released his first book: "200 Things Developers Should Know". They range from technical tips about programming, troubleshooting to career strategies, productivity, health and learning.

Barry and I have a common passion beyond code. "Developer Weekly" is the podcast that he has started in 2020 where he talks to developers and technologists that are interested not only in tech but also life-long learning.

Barry is super creative and full of ideas, but he is also determined. He goes from idea to focused execution, which is the key to high-achievers.

I will leave you with Barry Luijbregts - A Dutch coder and content creator.


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