Ep #57: Veronika Kolesnikova - MVP, AI & Cultural Differences [S03-E15]

Veronika Kolesnikova



Moving to a new country. Looking for a new life. A new beginning. The difficulties with a new language. You cannot express yourself properly. You don't have friends and family close by anymore. So hard and at the same time so wonderful. So full of discoveries. Such an adventure!

That is what my guest in this episode went through.

I spoke with Veronika Kolesnikova. Veronika is a Software Engineer and a Microsoft MVP focusing on AI. MVP means Most Valuable Professional. She moved to Boston in the US in 2013 from Russia.

Even though she describes herself as an introvert, she does not shy away from opportunities to present and do public speaking on meetups and conferences.

"Challenge myself" that is a recurring line that Veronika kept mentioning during our conversation. The desire to improve herself via public speaking is how she got the Microsoft MVP award.

We spoke about career, cultural differences, community, dreams and how Aerial yoga helps her to be a better Software Engineer.

Check out in particular the lesson she got from her driving instructor back in Russia.


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