Ep #58: Saron Yitbarek - DISCO, Audio Courses in Tech [S03-E16]

Saron Yitbarek



Imagine that you learn how to code in an expensive bootcamp (or college). Not everyone can afford thousands of dollars to learn how to code. So you decide that there should be a better way to support people starting to code. You create an online community to help new coders and unexpectedly it becomes your business.

That is what my guest in this episode went through.

I spoke with Saron Yitbarek. Saron is the founder of CodeNewbie, which was acquired back in January 2020 by DEV.

Saron is a coder, a podcaster, a speaker, an entrepreneur. She is currently working on her next business called Disco, which provides audio courses for people in tech. The first course is an introduction to Machine Learning.

During our conversation we went through details about Disco and producing educational content, which is an area that I am particularly super interested.

Saron is a very straight talker with a sharp mind. She goes right to the point without any extra fluffy. You will see this in the episode.

I'm really curious as to where she will be taking Disco next.

Enjoy the conversation with the business minded coder, Saron Yitbarek.


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