Ep #45: Laurence Bradford - High Paying Jobs, No College Needed

Laurence Bradford



I spoke with Laurence Bradford. Laurence had a very unique start into coding. She decided to leave her career behind around 2014. Back then she just googled "High paying jobs, no college needed". Guess what came up? Web development!

She then started to teach herself how to code via courses and free resources on the web. To help her stay accountable to the learning process, she started to blog. Soon after that, she was able to start freelancing and even got a part-time job.

Then her blog started to resonate with people that were also in the same journey: trying to learn how to code. She started to test different revenue models and today her business orbits around her site - Learn To Code With Me where she has sponsorships, promotes products via affiliate marketing and she sells product bundles too.

Laurence is laser focused. She has a very good understanding of the troubles that a beginner coder has to go through and she has decided to keep helping them.

Listen to this conversation to see how you can start to build a name for yourself, by just sharing what you are learning, as Laurance did.


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