Ep #40: Yuri Diogenes - Cybersecurity, Coding & Fitness [S02-E19]

Yuri Diogenes



I spoke with Yuri Diogenes. Yuri has been working at Microsoft since 2006. He is currently working as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft Cybersecurity Engineering. Yuri is also a professor at EC-Council University Master of Security Science Program and he has authored over a dozen books around the subject of Cybersecurity.

But Aderson, this is a podcast about developers! I know and that is why I asked Yuri to talk about the coding side of cybersecurity and he brought a term that I haven't heard before: "Security Development Lifecycle" or SDL - If you are a developer and you want to differentiate yourself, you may want to get to know what SDL is and how it can benefit your career.

Beyond the technical side of Yuri, we also spoke about his personal transformation story from being out-of-shape and obese to losing 100 lbs and becoming a bodybuilder.

Very inspiring story! Have a listen and I'm sure you will enjoy this conversation, because it got me thinking a lot about my own habits!


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