Ep #84: Taylor Desseyn - Recruiter Against Recruiters [S05-E04]

Taylor Desseyn



I spoke with Taylor Desseyn. Taylor is a Sr. Recruiter at Vaco. He has been working specifically with software engineers and developers for the past 6 years.

First off, I want to apologise to Taylor for mispronouncing his name some many times. And I'm a sticker about pronouncing names correctly!

With that said, this was a different chat. We did it via Zoom and I decided to invite a group of developers to build a live audience where they could also ask questions directly. I think it went quite well but let me know what you think.

Taylor was very comprehensive with his answers about recruiting, job search, LinkedIn, the use of video and even TikTok when applying for jobs.

Taylor was also very open about the problems within the recruiting industry and why recruiters get a bad reputation.

This is a must listen episode if you are looking for a job and still a highly recommended one if you are not. Taylor will not leave you empty handed after listening to this chat.


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