Ep #47: Lynn Langit - Learn, Build, Teach and Bioinformatics [S03-E05]

Lynn Langit



I spoke with Lynn Langit. Lynn is a Cloud Architect and she runs her own consulting business. Lynn has created 30 courses for LinkedIn Learning and her courses have reached over 4 million students.

Lynn is a very resolute person. 4 years ago she decided to move into a new field for her called Bioinformatics. The move was motivated by the fact that one of her best friends was diagnosed with cancer.

Since then she has learned a lot about the new field. At the same time she has contributed to it by applying her knowledge about the Cloud to help teams of researchers across the globe speeding up their systems and processes. In one case she mentioned that a process used to take 500 hours and went down to 10 minutes as a result of her improvements. That is what I call improvement!

As you will soon find out, Lynn has very strong opinions about a lot of things including mentorship and how to best utilize her time. I really admire someone with such strong opinions backed up by solid arguments.

Check her recommendations about work and employment. She says that you should ask for what you are worth and compensation is not just your salary, it's also your time.

Side note: This chat was recorded mid April, 2020 - Back then we were still in the beginning of whole covid situation as you will hear us talking about her first-hand experience with that.


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