Ep #77: Ido Shamun - daily.dev, All Coding News In One Place [S04-E17]

Ido Shamun



I spoke with Ido Shamun. Ido is the co-founder, CTO and, for now, the solo developer of daily.dev.

daily.dev is an aggregator about development news, built as a Google Chrome extension, which gets feeds from all major tech news outlets including Smashing Magazine, The New Stack, CSS-Tricks and many more.

daily.dev started as an internal initiative within Ido's previous company, The Elegant Monkeys, and eventually they decided to open it for anyone to use.

Him and the team of 3 people, started daily.dev just about 6 months ago, in August 2020 and they already have around 80 thousand weekly active users.

Unbelievable to see how much can be done these days with such a small team!

One aspect that surprised me was the fact they decided to make it open source, so if you want to look under the hood of daily.dev, you can!

As a coder, daily.dev can help you to get up to speed with what's going on in the coding space.

Have a listen to the stories of Ido Shamun, Israeli solo coder at daily.dev!


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