Ep #59: Anthony Shaw - A Talented Python Fellow [S03-E17]

Anthony Shaw



What does a "Global Senior Vice President of Talent Transformation and Innovation" do? I have no clue! But I can tell you this: it has nothing to do with coding.

I spoke with Anthony Shaw. Anthony is a "Python Foundation Software Fellow". To become a Fellow, you need to contribute a lot to the Python ecosystem and be recognized by your peers to be nominated. Anthony contributes with various open source projects that can be found on his GitHub repository.

Anthony is an English expat living in the beautiful Avoca Beach in Australia.

I was curious about the connection between his job and coding. I found out that there is not much. But it didn't stop Anthony from being not only enthusiastic about coding but also being a great coder!

We spoke about his passion for Python and what motivated him to start contributing to open source.

Listen to this conversation to understand why Anthony says that if the thought of making a living as a developer doesn't excite you, but you like technology and programming, there are so many other options available to express yourself as a coder.


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