Ep #39: Luca Gobbi - Organizing Tech Meetups [S02-E18]

Luca Gobbi



I spoke with Luca Gobbi. Luca is VP of Software Engineering for a startup called Medchart in Toronto. He doesn't like talking a lot about himself, but I'm thankful he made an exception for us.

I was looking forward to exploring Luca's community involvement with tech meetups. He is part of the organizing team for 2 meetup groups in Toronto. Both of them, Microsoft .NET related.

We have talked about his motivations for being involved with these meetups, how he got started, and why people like you and me should consider joining a tech meet up. He shared the store about an organizer who was stepping down and he didn't think twice before volunteering to becoming the new organizer without even realizing what kind of work was involved.

We also discussed the work he does for Medchart and the challenges of being a team leader in time of remote work and COVID-19.

And if you are interested in working for a tech startup, Luca shared a great strategy to get yourself noticed by them.


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