Ep #81: Mariot Tsitoara - Git, GitHub & Pomodoro [S05-E01]

Mariot Tsitoara



I spoke with Mariot Tsitoara. He is a Full Stack Developer focused on React and Python.

Mariot lives in Bordeaux, France but he is originally from Madagascar. I was very excited to be speaking with someone from Madagascar for the first time in my life.

Beyond that, Mariot is also a book author and speaker. I came across his name because I bought his book "Beginning Git and GitHub" which he got published by Apress. Very well put together and beginner friendly book about git.

The book was a result of a presentation he give. We spoke about the process of putting the book together and the strategies he used to get it done, which included the Pomodoro Technique, of which I'm a big fan myself.

He shared the story about a tough situation he found himself in. He was asked to create code to check people's productivity. Then he should come up with a list of employees that they should be fired!

Check it out how he handled this odd situation.


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