Ep #65: James Montemagno - From Printer Software to Xamarin [S04-E05]

James Montemagno



What was your a-ha moment? The moment that you have discovered a possibility that didn't exist before to you. One of those things that you just don't know that you don't even know about it, but now you do know and it changes everything.

For James that was when he came across mobile development and he built his first mobile app. He knew that would be the next step for his career. That was a 180-degree change for him. From working with "exciting" printer software to developing mobile apps with Xamarin.

My guest for this episode is James Montemagno. James is a Principal Program Manager for Mobile Developer Tools at Microsoft. Beyond that, he runs 3 podcasts, he blogs, he's a speaker and loves cycling around Seattle.

James shared with me the challenge he took on this year which was to become a manager at Microsoft. Imagine a plate juggler. We discussed how he goes about balancing his individual contribution with his work as a manager and his personal life.

Stick around for an awesome conversation with James Montemagno.


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