Ep #88: David Poindexter - The Business & Code Combo [S05-E08]

David Poindexter



I have spoken with my good friend David Poindexter. David is the founder of nvisionative, a digital agency located in Mooresville, North Carolina.

I have know David for many years as part of my involvement in an open source community called DNN. I have always admired David for the combination of his business acumen and his technical skills.

David has been involved in many aspects of open source, from code contribution to conference organization and leading working groups. We spoke about being part of a community and how awesome it is to be in the flow with them.

I have questioned David about the return on investment of time and money that he puts into open source and if it helps his business somehow.

We have also spoken about his deep involvement within the music industry and how this experience helped him in the tech space.

David shared the growing pains of moving from a solo coder business to an agency, where he had to hire people to help him out.

This chat really felt to me like two buddies chatting over a beer, but there was no beer involved.


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