Ep #72: Niall Maher - The Codú Community [S04-E12]

Niall Maher



I spoke with Niall Maher. Niall is a self-taught web developer with great expertise on JavaScript and React.

This year, 2020, he started to record and create content for YouTube. He does a lot of live streaming and that became a source of video content too.

He is also the organizer of a meetup called Codú, which is an extension of his own company. The meetup happens monthly and it has a workshop format, where either him or someone else in the community goes deep into a technical topic related to web development.

As of our recording, Niall's company has been acquired and he was about to become the CTO of the acquiring organization.

We even had a chance to talk about Ireland and why the country is so attractive to big tech companies.

From being broken 7 years ago to having his company acquired, let's hear the stories from Niall Maher, a web developer from Ireland.


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