Ep #53: Josh Pollock - WordPress Plugins & Subjective Reality [S03-E11]

Josh Pollock



I spoke with Josh Pollock. Josh is a community-trained PHP and Javascript developer. What does "community-trained" mean? It means that he didn't have a formal Computer Science degree and his knowledge came from his community engagement and participation.

Josh came out of the WordPress community where he has developed several plugins for the platform over the last few years.

CalderaWP was the company that he co-created and it was acquired in 2019 by their competitor, Saturday Drive. It is where Josh works now and he is still helping to create and mainlining amazing plugins for WordPress.

We spoke about his experience of selling his baby, I mean, his company. And now becoming for the first time in his life, a full-time software engineer.

We also spoke about the future of WordPress and why he said that he should have seek therapy earlier in his career.


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