Ep #76: Eric Simons - Coding Online with StackBlitz [S04-E16]

Eric Simons



I spoke with Eric Simons. Eric is the CEO of StackBlitz, an online browser based IDE where you can start coding on any front-end framework is seconds. I personally use it when I'm teaching full-stack development using Angular or React.

Eric is a super nice and talkative guy. We discussed about his previous company Thinkster, which was acquired a few years ago and how that company give origin to StackBlitz.

Eric shared with me his long term vision for StackBlitz and the kinds of hard problems they are trying to solve within his current team of about 10 people.

When asked which front-end framework he would pick from Angular, React and Vue, his answer and reasoning will surprise you!

Stick around to hear from the outspoken Eric Simons, CEO of StackBlitz.


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