Ep #64: Greg Lim - Church Pastor & Book Author [S04-E04]

Greg Lim



Have you ever heard about the term "pen name"? A pen name or a literary double, is a pseudonym adopted by some book authors in place of their real name.

There are many different reasons why someone would opt to have a pen name. Most often it comes from the need for privacy.

Greg Lim is our guest in this episode. He is an author and a very private person. He writes books about coding. But he didn't want his writing to interfere with his main professional activity. He is a full-time church pastor living in Singapore.

You can imply that Greg Lim is not his real name, and that is ok. It didn't stop us from having a very interesting conversation about, coding, career and a brief mention about religion.

What an interesting combination isn't it? Religion and Technology.

Greg is the author of 11 coding books. I have 2 of them with me related to Angular and Node.js.

He spoke about his faith and how he reconciles his tech work as a book author with his religious calling.

We also talked about how to get a book self-published within the Amazon ecosystem.

Have a listen and you may even get inspired to write your own book.


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