Ep #68: Jesse Hall - YouTuber To Prove a Point [S04-E08]

Jesse Hall



Imagine that you want to prove a point to your teenage kids. You challenge them to come up with business ideas. After a few days, crickets, nothing, no ideas. Then as a parent you think about what they like to do most, and you see that they spend a lot of time on YouTube.

You challenge them to start a YouTube channel, but they don't. Then you decide to do it by yourself to prove your point. 2 months later and 10 videos in, you have 300 subscribers.

But you don't stop there. 1 year and 4 months later you got to 100K subscribers.

I have spoken with Jesse Hall. Jesse has a successful YouTube channel called codeSTACKr which has 108K subscribers as of November 2020.

Jesse is a very low profile individual. He said he has never imagined that he would be doing something like this in his 40's.

Jesse still keeps the fact that he has a YouTube channel very private from his full-time job, but he has the goal of leaving his job to become a full-time content creator in the next few months.

This is the story of how he did it.


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