Ep #10: A Small Cog In A Giant
Machine with Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson



I spoke with my good friend and software developer Scott Wilkinson from Chicago. He was my partner in crime for 5 years (between 2014 and 2019) when we run together a community podcast called "The DNN Monthly Chat".

We spoke about his corporate career at Sears and why he decided to move on. We also talked about his brief freelancing experience and his current work at a Digital Agency called Blue Bolt where he is no longer a small cog in a big machine.

He shared with me a story about a hard time he had when he was getting started as a developer and what lessons we can drawn from it, like it is ok to admit you need help.


Notes & Takeaways

  • "I just can't be a small cog in a giant machine"
  • "When you are into more niche software, they (companies) are not going to find full-time employees"
  • "I recommend stretching yourself"
  • "It's ok to admit that you are missing something"

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