Ep #79: Victoria Lo - From Blogging To PayPal [S04-E19]

Victoria Lo



Do you think that blogging is done? No longer relevant? Too many people already doing it?

My guest today started blogging a year ago and it has already helped her to land a job with Paypal.

I spoke with Victoria Lo. Victoria is a consistent blogger with over 100 post done during 2020. I admire her drive, focus and determination. Her background is in business and finances, but she no longer focus on them.

Her articles are mostly focused on web development topics ranging from front-end to backend and databases.

She is also a hackathon aficionado, and you will find out why.

We've covered a very wide range of subjects including a discussion about payment processing services and the fact that she speaks 5 languages.

If you think there is no point in blogging these days, think again and listen to this episode. It can change your career forever.


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