Ep #73: Les Jackson - Long Form Video Tutorials [S04-E13]

Les Jackson



I spoke with Les Jackson - Les is a book author and Developer Advocate at Marketplacer in Australia.

About 3 months ago he has published his first book by Apress called "The Complete ASP.NET Core 3 API Tutorial".

Beyond writing books, Les has a passion for long form video content. His YouTube channel is full of 1 to 3 hours long training videos. When he goes into a topic, he goes really deep! Amazing to see that his longest video, which is over 3 hours long, is also the most watched in his channel.

In a way it goes against the general thought that shorter videos will do better than long ones on YouTube.

During our conversation, Les mentioned that one of the main reasons why he was hired as a Developer Advocate was because of his YouTube channel success.

Listen to Les's stories and maybe you will get inspired to start your own YouTube channel. You never know how that can benefit your career.


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