Ep #67: James Q Quick - A Social Developer Advocate [S04-E07]

James Q Quick



Imagine that you started to create some content on YouTube. You got some traction. You got subscribers. You start to enjoy the process.

Then a company comes in willing to hire you to create more videos for them as well!

I spoke with James Q Quick. James is a Developer Advocate at Auth0.

James has a growing audience on YouTube of over 23K subscribers. We spoke about one of his videos in particular that at the time of the chat recording it was at 60K views, but now, about a month later, it is already at 110K. What is the secret of a successful YouTube video like that?

He has created courses for Scrimba.com as well, on how to build apps using front-end technologies like React and plain JavaScript.

James is living the dream now. In his new job he gets paid to create more videos, more content and talk to people about technology. Isn't this awesome?

We spoke about his career, his video creation process and about the 5 advices he has for someone to becoming a successful web developer.


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