Ep #93: Cristian Florea - Coach For Aspiring Developers [S05-E13]

Cristian Florea



This was a different episode and we had a live audience asking questions. I think we will be doing this more and more over time and I would love to hear your opinion about this format. Do you like it? Don't like it? Hit me up on LinkedIn or Twitter - Links can be found @ SoloCoder.com.

We spoke with Cristian Florea. Cristian is a Frontend Developer working for Novartis, the big pharma company.

The format was a bit different from the traditional one and Cristian delivered a lot of valuable insights about the industry, getting experience as a frontend developer and many tips to help people landing their first job as a developer.

Aside from working at Novartis, about 2 years ago Cristian started helping aspiring developers by creating a coaching program to give them a hand on landing their first job.

Coming from a different background - Cristian studied Law - he has first-hand experience of how someone with non-traditional experience, can break into the industry.

We have also explored the fact that Cristian is a bit nomadic right now, going from country to country for only a few months at a time. Sounds like a dream come true to many people who love to travel.

From electronic music producer to barista to coder, you will take away a lot from this chat with Cristian Florea, coach for aspiring developers.


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