Ep #42: Charles Max Wood - The Intersection of Podcasting and Coding [S02-E21]

Charles Max Wood



I spoke with Charles Max Wood.

Charles is a podcaster who codes or a coder who podcasts. Regardless which way you define him, he runs a successful podcast network called Devchat.tv which focus on creating developer centric shows on topics like .NET, DevOps, Vue, Angular, Ruby, JavaScript and more. As of the recording of this episode in May, 2020 his network has 18 shows currently running.

Talking to someone that runs a podcasting network for many years got me self-conscious again, but I think I was able to handle the pressure and move on with the flow.

Charles has started Devchat.tv back in 2011. During this conversation we have explored what worked for him. What didn't work that well and how he transitioned from his own software consulting business to becoming a full-time podcaster. We also spoke about podcasting in these times of Covid and what he sees as the future of the podcast medium.

Whatever is your coding flavor, Charles has a podcast show for you on Devchat.tv


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