Ep #74: Swizec Teller - A Geek With A Hat [S04-E14]

Swizec Teller



I spoke with Swizec Teller. Originally from Slovenia, he moved to the US in 2015.

Swizec is a software engineer, instructor, blogger, vlogger, conference speaker, and author as well. Yes, he has published a book on "Data Visualization with d3.js".

Swizec is one of the most interesting characters I came across in the podcast. If you check his YouTube videos, he is usually accompanied by a screaming bird in the background called "Kiwi" (I hope I got this right :). Unfortunately Kiwi was traveling in business and wasn't able to attend to our chat.

Our conversation took an unexpected turn when Swizec started to talk about career and being part of the Silicon Valley ecosystem. He shared what it really means to be part of that environment, which for so many of us we only know a fraction of what goes on there.

From being an immigrant in the US, to tech trends like Micro Saas, we have covered a lot of topics.

Stick around to hear the stories from Swizec Teller, a geek with a hat.


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