Ep #55: Jay Miller - Military, Podcasting and Multipotentiality [S03-E13]

Jay Miller



I spoke with Jay Miller. Jay is a Python and JavaScript developer who has been running a podcast called Productivity in Tech for the past several years. He also helps clients producing their own podcasts.

Jay is a blunt guy. He will tell you what he thinks, but he is caring and kind too.

We discussed about him going homeless for a few weeks because he was just too hard headed to ask his parents for help.

We also talked about his time in the military and how it has helped him becoming the professional he is now.

I had the pleasure myself of being part of his podcast just a few days ago and we had a great time talking about coding and education.

By the way, since we spoke back in July 1, 2020, he got into a new position as a Developer Advocate at Elastic.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with the self-describing multipotentialite Jay Miller.


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