Ep #2: The Love for Teaching as a
Coding Career with Prof. Reza Dibaj

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I spoke with Prof. Reza Dibaj. He is college professor and a colleague of mine. He teaches API Engineering, Cloud Computing, Web Application Development.

He is a true coder at heart, but more than that, he is a believer in education and the privilege we have to help shaping our students.

Teaching can be an exciting career for a coder and when you see someone as passion as Reza talking, you may get inspired to check the intersection of coding and teaching as a potential career path.


Notes & Takeaways

  • I look at teaching as my dream-job
  • I always loved to share what I've learned
  • I help my friends in class in order to get their dreams
  • Nothing can be better than adding value to other people's lives
  • I cannot say it is easy, but it is interesting
  • When you get a rejection, something better is waiting for you
  • The potential is limitless
  • Get closer to wiser and positive people
  • "Find what you love and let it kill you." - Charles Bukowski

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