Ep #33: Rob Napier - Swift, Stack Overflow & Drama [S02-E12]

Rob Napier



I spoke with Rob Napier. Rob is an iOS Developer at Jaybird and an independent consultant.

Beyond his work commitments he is a super contributor at Stack Overflow. He is in the top 0.04% of contributors on Stack Overflow. Put it on a different way, he ranks around top 250 overall users of Stack Overflow. That is a big big deal considering that the site has millions of users! And if you look specifically into the "swift" tag, he ranks #11!

One thing that is curious about Rob: He has a background on acting and drama. Most likely this is why he feels so comfortable presenting on stage. If you check his presentation recordings on YouTube, you will see that his is a natural speaker.

Check out this conversation and listen to the tips from Rob on how you too can get started contributing on Stack Overflow regardless your experience level.


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