Ep #32: Margaryta Ostapchuk - From Ukraine to Canada & AI [S02-E11]

Margaryta Ostapchuk



I spoke with Margaryta Ostapchuk. She used to be a Technical Evangelist working for Microsoft in Ukraine and then she moved to Canada in 2018 while still working for Microsoft but now as a Software Engineer.

I came across Margaryta during an AI Bootcamp back in December 2019, where she was talking about Language Understanding (LUIS) which is one of the Cognitive Services provided by Microsoft.

Margaryta talked about how she uses public speaking as an opportunity to help developing both her technical and communication skills. She mentioned about the fact that she used to think everyone in the audience knew more about the subject than her, but she realized that everyone has something to contribute that is valuable to others.

Listen to this episode to hear what Margaryta has to say to female coders that is also applicable to everyone of us.


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