Ep #89: David Jorjani - Product Builder & People Developer [S05-E09]

David Jorjani



I spoke with David Jorjani. David is Director of Product at Ideal.com and Instructor at the University of Toronto.

Great to see a professional like David with a foot in Academia and another one in Startups.

At UofT, David wants to help students getting real life experience to be ready for the industry.

Then at Ideal.com, he needs to hire talent. Also, Ideal itself is a platform that helps companies with talent acquisition.

So David seems to be surround by talent. From one end he needs to hire and select them, from the other end he helps to build them!

We have explored what it means to be working for a start up and I asked him to help me sell the idea of being part of a start up to my students.

We also spoke about teaching and his experiential learning practices of having students working with real projects. These projects are brought by real companies with whom he forms partnerships.

I will leave you with David Jorjani, product builder and people developer.


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