Ep #37: Shaun Walker - DNN To Oqtane
An Open Source Story [S02-E16]

Shaun Walker



I spoke with Shaun Walker. Shaun is the original creator of the most popular open source CMS in the Microsoft stack called DNN, originally DotNetNuke.

I was looking forward to having this particular conversation with him for many years and it was never the right time. But now it was.

Why is this so important to me? Because DNN has been the tool that I have made a living since 2007. I was able to build my business around it and I am where I am today mostly because of DNN and all that I have done as a result of being part of that community. For that I'm so grateful to him and in this conversation we not only spoke about his DNN story but the new chapter of his professional life with yet another open source initiative called Oqtane.

We discussed about his passion for open source software, his experience in raising capital for his previous company DNN Corp and his willingness to bet on Blazor, which is a new technology that is promising but still in its infancy.

During the conversation Shaun was very honest and candid about everything, including ups and downs and moments that he wished he would have done things in a different way.

Have a listen to find out why Shaun says that "There is a lot more to being successful than just the code itself."


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