Ep #36: Amelia Wattenberger - Data Visualization & Journalism [S02-E15]

Amelia Wattenberger



I spoke with Amelia Wattenberger. She is a Journalist and Engineer working for The Pudding, which is a digital publication that explains ideas via visual articles with beautifully designed dynamic data graphs. And that is what Amelia does.

Amelia combines the technical skills of a coder focused on data visualization with the story telling chops of a Journalist. Such an unusual combination that I really found fascinating.

Just recently, Amelia wrote a 600 pages long book on D3.js and Data Visualization. During our conversation she described her very smart and iterative approach to writing the book and how she did it in just a few months.

If you are interested in presenting information in very creative ways, you should listen to Amelia's stories and recommendations.

You will also find out what's Amelia's pet peeve with pie charts.


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