Ep #85: Hemil Patel - Being Shy, Private and YouTuber!? [S05-E85]

Hemil Patel



I spoke with Hemil Patel. Hemil is a Front-end Architect but the reason why I came across his name was because of his YouTube channel called Techsith. It focus on front-end technologies like Javascript, React, CSS and even job interview preparation for front-end type of positions.

Hemil has an interesting motto: "Make your weakness your strength" - And he lives by that. He is shy, but he says it made him want to be famous and in front of people.

Interesting enough, at some point he wanted to be a stand-up comedian. He even attended a comedy school in San Francisco and performed in front of a live audience.

He may have given up on comedy, but his desire to be famous is coming to fruition via his YouTube channel, now with over 120K subscribers!

We spoke about this longtime experience in tech which exposed him, on a quick count, to over 70 technologies through his career and he is not stopping!

Hemil said that in the long run he wants to transition to a more traditional teaching role. He finds it very fulfilling to be in class face to face with students.

I will leave you with Hemil Patel, a shy, but not so shy coder.


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