Ep #30: Paul Hudson - Two Straws Please [S02-E09]

Paul Hudson



I spoke with Paul Hudson. Paul is well-known within the Apple ecosystem as he teaches Swift via his talks, books, videos, articles and courses. Swift is the programming language created by Apple back in 2014 which can be used to create apps.

Paul is a very down to earth, low-key Englishman. He made himself readily available for the podcast. I invited him on a Friday and we were recording on Monday!

But don't fool yourself. Paul has accomplished so much in his career already. If you search on Google for "swift book" or "learn swift" his site, "Hacking With Swift", comes up within the top 5 results.

Oh, and did I tell you his site has 2 million visitors a month?

Have a listen and find out what "two straws" means to Paul and what's his pet peeve with the word "Accessibility".


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