Ep #66: Kethmar Salumets - YouTube & Growth Mindset [S04-E06]

Kethmar Salumets



I spoke with Kethmar Salumets. Kethmar is a software developer from Estonia. He has started his YouTube channel called "Developer Habits" just a few months ago, back in February 2020.

He says that the channel is focused on people interested in growth mindset, developer lifestyle and technical tutorials.

Besides that, Kethmar was working for Pipedrive, which is a cloud based sales software company. During the interview, Kethmar revealed that he was about to leave Pipedrive and, as of this publishing, he has already moved on. His new position involves working a lot with Python, which is new to him.

Kethmar spoke about a very common problem that professionals from all kinds of industries face at times: burnout. I had a lot to learn from his experience.

Have a listen to find out how Kethmar is handling burnout and getting better. This might be useful to you at different stages of your own career.


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